Composite Resin Restorations

In our office, we only make “white” filings.

The material used is called composite resin and it has different properties for permant and for primary teeth.

Filings are usually placed in one visit. The tooth is anesthetized before the pediatric dentist removes the decay. If the decay is close to the pulp, a special medication is placed for extra protection. The composite resin is then placed and the tooth is restored to its original shape and function.

When it comes to permanent teeth, our focus is on preserving as much tooth structure as possible. In the small cavities present on a child’s young permanent molars, we avoid the use of the traditional “drill” and we use the method of the air abrasion instead, which it selectively removes only the decayed part of the tooth, leaving the rest of it intact. The procedure is painless, so there is no need for anesthesia.

The combined use of the air abrasion and the intraoral camera to treat the small lesions on permamet molars before they become a cavity is the form of minimally invasive intervention, an advanced method, called MICRODENTISTRY.

Good oral hygiene habits, proper nutrition and regular check-ups at the pediatric dentist contribute to the longevity of new restorations.

We care about your child’s future.