Prophylaxis & Fluoride treatment

At the initial visit or recall visit, the pediatric dentist will check the soft tissues of the oral cavity for lesions and the teeth for dental caries, as well as the condition of previous restorations. She will monitor the growth and development of the face and will evaluate the need for orthodontic guidance..

Immediately after that, with the use of a small rotating toothbrush and a special dental toothpaste that contains “grains”, she will clean the teeth, a procedure that is called prophylaxis. This removes plaque – a sticky invisible film on the tooth surface. Plaque is a growing colony of bacteria, food waste and saliva. Bacteria produce toxins (acids) that cause inflammation and bleeding of the gums, widely known as gingivitis.

Fluoride treatment is then performed by topical application of fluoride gell in trays or, in younger children, with a fluoride varnish. Fluoride is absorbed by the enamel , making teeth more resistant to dental caries. The protection it offers lasts six months.

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