Air abrasion

How does air abrasion works?

Air abrasion is a modern way to remove dental caries from the tooth,without using a drill.

During the use of the air abrasion technique, a tool that acts like a sandblasting handpiece , sprays the tooth, removing dental caries. A thin spray of water with aluminum oxide particles is directed towards the decayed parts of the tooth. These particles are propelled by pressurized air through the dentist’s handpiece. Caries is being removed as the spray of these particles hits it, while the healthy tooth around it remains intact.

What are the advantages of air abrasion?

Compared to the “traditional” drill, the advantages are many and include the following:

  • AA does not produce the heat, sound or vibration produced by the drill.
  • AA reduces the need for anaesthesia, especially in incipient decay.
  • AA leaves much more tooth substance intact behind.
  • AA allows the dentist to work on more than one tooth per visit.
  • AA is a relatively easy,fast and painless process.

What are the best candidates for the method of air abrasion?

Air abrasion is ideal for use in children and especially in their back permanent teeth. It can perfectly prepare a posterior permanent molar to receive a sealant with high durability, greater than other common techniques. It can, however, mainly remove the incipient dental caries that are often found on these teeth in children and eliminates the need for a filling!

Air abrasion selectively removes only the dental caries and not the healthy tooth structure around it.

The advantage is that we preserve the longevity of a tooth with a minimally invasive procedure and is therefore less expesive too.

This is very important for children, because they are young individuals where less invasive work maximizes the life of thei teeth. And all these benefits are combined with the positive experience that the child has, since he/she does not hear and feel the familiar drilling sounds.